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The Story of Purpose: The Path to Creating a Brighter Brand, a Greater Company, and a Lasting Legacy

Book Description

A proven methodology for building a purpose-powered organization

Some ideas are bigger than others, and the Master Idea—your company's purpose—is the biggest. Whether addressing communication between leadership and associates, suppliers to manufacturers, sales force to customers, or brand to consumers, The Story of Purpose details a proven methodology for businesses, small to large, how to build a purpose-inspired organization to positively impact employees, customers, and the bottom line. It reveals the process for uncovering what makes a company distinctive and guides you to discover the fundamental force behind the organization that no competitor can replicate or replace.

  • The Story of Purpose incorporates stories of purpose from Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, Newell Rubbermaid and many more purpose-driven companies. These stories come to life in a comprehensive book that promises to guide, inspire, and transform your organization

  • Offers a blueprint for creating powerful internal and external messages for current and future customers, employees, and shareholders

The Story of Purpose will leave you asking yourself "what gets me up in the morning?" instead of "what keeps me up at night?"

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. About the Cover
  7. Foreword
  8. Preface
  9. Introduction
  10. Part I: The Purpose: Put Humanity Back in Business
    1. Chapter 1: The Purpose of Work Is to Work on Purpose
      1. How Packaged Goods Led to Packaging Good
      2. Giving Care to the Caregiver
      3. Purpose Brings Joy to the World
      4. From Brand to Stand
      5. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      6. Purpose Pointers
    2. Chapter 2: Purpose-Inspired Leadership
      1. We Need More Jobs
      2. Procter’s Gamble
      3. Shooting for the Moon and the Stars
      4. P&G Pampers the World
      5. Purpose Leaders Inspire Purpose
      6. Purpose Leaders Follow Their Star
      7. Banking on Purpose
      8. Built to Lead
      9. Davids in a World of Goliaths
      10. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      11. Purpose Pointers
    3. Chapter 3: The Master Idea
      1. Some Ideas Are Bigger Than Others
      2. Principles of a Master Idea
      3. A New Narrative for Business
      4. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      5. Purpose Pointers
  11. Part II: The Black Box of Strategy
    1. Chapter 4: Ethos: The Fruits Are in the Roots
      1. The Power of Beginnings
      2. Have You Met Life Today?
      3. The World’s Wealthiest Private Company
      4. Insuring a Whole Life
      5. Return to Ethos for Greater Returns
      6. We Exist versus We Discover
      7. Visit Your Archivist Today
      8. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      9. Purpose Pointers
    2. Chapter 5: Culture: Creating the Cult in Your Culture
      1. The Stories of Newell Rubbermaid
      2. Culture Begins at Home
      3. Symbols of Great Culture
      4. The Best Culture Not on Earth
      5. When Culture Is Grounded
      6. Taking Culture to Heart
      7. Flying Again on Purpose
      8. How Will You Lift the World?
      9. Culture Is Religion
      10. Sun Capital Capitalizes on Culture
      11. Culture Fixes What Is Broken
      12. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      13. Purpose Pointers
    3. Chapter 6: Values: Your Most Valuable Asset
      1. Why Values Count
      2. What Are Your Values?
      3. The Happy Meal Revolution
      4. From Toys to Joys
      5. The McDonald’s Values
      6. How Will We Fill Families with Joy?
      7. BrightHouse Values
      8. The Value of Values
      9. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      10. Purpose Pointers
    4. Chapter 7: Strategy: The Plan to Win
      1. Taking Aim to Reach the Destination
      2. The WOW Strategy: Work On Why
      3. The Three Ws of Strategy
      4. BCG: The Birthplace of Strategy
      5. The Hero’s Journey
      6. Newell Rubbermaid Makes Purpose a Star
      7. A Trick That I Wouldn’t Trade
      8. Redefining the Plan to Win
      9. Building a New Strategy to Cement the Future
      10. Competitive versus Distinctive Advantage
      11. How to Be Indispensable
      12. Locate Your Black Box
      13. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      14. Purpose Pointers
    5. Chapter 8: Tactics: All You Need Is Love
      1. Love Is the Secret
      2. Word of Mouse Marketing
      3. The Business of Love
      4. Love Is a Super Market
      5. Love Begins at Home
      6. What Brand Do You Love?
      7. You Scratch My Brand, I’ll Scratch Yours
      8. Darwin Pays a Visit to Marketing
      9. The Evolution of Business
      10. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      11. Purpose Pointers
  12. Part III: Purpose, Inc.: How to Incorporate Purpose into Your Business
    1. Chapter 9: Investigation
      1. First, Search the Research
      2. The More Questions You Ask, the More Answers You Get
      3. In Search of Your Destiny
      4. Digging for Ethos
      5. Money Is the Root of All Good
      6. Investigating the World
      7. Courage to Do What You Love
      8. Raising the Standard
      9. From Toms to Johns
      10. The Sum Is Bigger Than Its Parts
      11. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      12. Purpose Pointers
    2. Chapter 10: Incubation
      1. Business at the Speed of Molasses
      2. Heartstorming: The New Brainstorming
      3. And Then There Was Light
      4. The Modern-Day Algonquin Round Table
      5. Invitations to the World’s Greatest Cocktail Party
      6. VIP: Very Important Purpose
      7. Banking on Luminaries
      8. Purpose Cleans Up
      9. Diving into Humanity
      10. Lead Characters in Your Story of Purpose
      11. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      12. Purpose Pointers
    3. Chapter 11: Illumination
      1. How to Have a Eureka Moment
      2. Collaboration Creates More Light
      3. Places to Think
      4. Minds at Work
      5. Illumination Is Magic
      6. Articulating Your Master Idea
      7. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      8. Purpose Pointers
    4. Chapter 12: Illustration
      1. Truth in Advertising
      2. Be It, Do It, Say It
      3. Be Is Who You Are
      4. Do Is Living Your Why Through Actions
      5. Purpose Puts the Pop in Popcorn
      6. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      7. Purpose Pointers
  13. Part IV: Creating a Lasting Legacy
    1. Chapter 13: The Road to Camelot
      1. The Journey to Camelot
      2. Questions for the Quest
      3. Answering the Call
      4. One Brief Shining Moment
      5. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      6. Purpose Pointers
    2. Chapter 14: A World on Purpose
      1. A Modern-Day Fairy Tale for Business
      2. Once Upon a Time
      3. Suddenly
      4. Luckily
      5. Happily Ever After
      6. Which Goliath Will Your Company Slay?
      7. How to Make a Dent in the Universe
      8. Coming Together on Purpose
      9. Marketer as Healer
      10. The Unified Theory of Purpose
      11. The Best Business Model on Earth
      12. The Purpose Reset
      13. What Is the Purpose of This Chapter?
      14. Purpose Pointers
  14. Epilogue: Collective Purpose Is Our Saving Grace
  15. Resources
  16. About the Author
  17. Acknowledgments
  18. Index