The Success Case Method
product handling and storage requirements for distributors, principal
among them was that the product would have to remain refrigerated at
all times. Because the campaign required new sales and handling
processes for distributors, it was accompanied by a training and aware-
ness initiative that had been implemented for all distributors prior to the
launch of the freshness date campaign. We had been engaged to help
the brewery determine how much success distributors were achieving
early in the campaign. The brewery was particularly anxious to identify
the characteristics and factors that were associated with successful dis-
tributor compliance so that this information could be provided to
distributors who were having problems—which happened to be a sig-
nificant number, much to the frustration of the corporate leadership.
Note that this impact model is developed for five different distrib-
utor roles, showing at a very high level how each role was intended to
use particular training to support the launch and implementation of the
new campaign. This impact model was developed early in the eval-
uation to assure that we had a correct understanding of the overall
initiative. Later, we would develop more detailed impact models for
each of the roles because we needed to survey and develop success
cases for each separate role.
Impact Model for Home Healthcare
This final impact model is the most complex yet because it shows how
new system capabilities were to be used by three major staff roles. The
setting for this SC study was a home healthcare services business that
provided in-home temporary nursing services nationwide. The roles
shown were employees who worked in a national service and call cen-
ter unit that processed inbound service requests from the entire nation.
New computer systems and automatic call distribution (800-number)

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