Ever wish you could just take the money?
Would you like some to see you as a hero?
And others fear you? This is your road.

In literature and mythology, thieves are often villain-heroes—Robin Hood and Jesse James—stealing from the rich, giving to the poor. Sounds romantic, even if it is fiction. But wait, you can legally steal and be a hero as a plaintiff's lawyer (PL)— today's Robin Hood.

Idolized by Hollywood, PLs posture themselves as crusaders for the helpless—fighting big bad business to save the little guy—winning huge awards in well-publicized show trials big on headlines and emotion. My apologies to other lawyers and law students if this sounds harsh, but it's true: Most plaintiffs' law is a perfectly legal twist of thievery and thuggery.

Other lawyers do ok financially. Most work too hard for ok (or even very good) hourly pay on fairly dull but necessary functions, like estate planning, contract or transaction law, regulatory law, or labor law. A lifetime of hard work, some frugality, ok investment returns (Chapter 10)—they may end up with $2 million to $30 million dollars. But at what cost? Family life can suffer since most lawyers bill by the hour, so many work endlessly. The big money is in legal stealing—plaintiff's work.


Question: Are these guys crusaders or pirates? The original crusaders left comfy European castles to reclaim Holy Lands from those they saw as godless and evil. Are PLs bringing evildoers to ...

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