(Fogra 39) Job:02-28051 Title:RP-Textile Artist Handbook
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(Fogra 39) Job:02-28051 Title:RP-Textile Artist Handbook
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The TexT ile ArT isT 's sTudio hAndbook
Within all of us there is a desire and a talent to cre-
ate, whether it is ideas, music, or physical objects.
The ability to create with your own hands eases the
mind, soothes the soul, and supports a sense of self-
sufficiency. If you’ve ever had the slight desire to dive
into the world of textiles or envisioned the space in
which you could do so, the book you hold in your
hands is the perfect starting point.
To us, it’s an exciting time for textiles. Our man-
agement of the Textile Arts Center in New York City
has given us a unique perspective on the prevailing
attitude towards textiles. While fiber arts and crafts
enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in the 1960s and
’70s sparking a wide debate on arts versus crafts, the
emerging interest in textiles is something entirely dif-
ferent. Once seen as more practical in application,
the design and creation of textiles is now achieving
recognition as an art form. With the success of DIY
(think Etsy, Handmade Nation), the growth in the sus-
tainable fashion movement, and the increasing use of
textile media among fine artists, the descriptions of
textile design and textile artists have changed from
stodgy, crafty, and old to useful, beautiful, and even
hip. Today, it seems that nothing is cooler than being
able to say you made it yourself.
While the joy of creating is extremely important
and something we always want to foster, we also have
another goal, and that is education. As university stu-
dents, we started the Textile Arts Center with a love
and understanding of textiles and their importance,
as well as a desire to preserve hand-craft techniques
that were becoming forgotten. For us, preservation
relies on education.
At the Center, we’ve met people of all ages, races,
economic backgrounds, and career paths, all with
their own reason for wanting to learn about textiles.
We have often been shocked. How could there be a
print designer who had never screen printed before?
How could a designer study in fashion school and
never touch a loom? As time passes, we are more mo-
tivated than ever about our mission to educate people
about textiles, not just their importance or history, but
the fundamental processes that lead to great design.
Our physical space at the Textile Arts Center is
home to classes, workshops, and events in all forms
of textile media. So, as authors we wanted to address
a wide range of fiber media in this book as well. We
learned all of the fabulous ways to create textiles by
diving in and setting up a giant studio, and we want to
share our experiences.
While there will always be some processes that
draw you more than others, some fibers that you can’t
wait to work with, and beautiful environments that
inspire you, there will also be many resources and
books on your journey to help you explore textile me-
dia. Our wish is to provide you with a foundation upon
which to grow. It is our hope that you will feel inspired
to set up your own studio, get your hands dirty, and
learn through the exploration and understanding of
the fundamental principles of textiles.
— Owyn Ruck and Visnja Popovic,
Textile Arts Center
Take a minute to observe your surroundings. What covers your windows? What do
you love about that cozy couch youre sitting on? Do you know how your shirt was
screen printed, or how your rug was woven? Textiles encompass a huge part of our
world, but many of us have no idea about the journey that fibers take to become the
products that you own and wear and enjoy.
(Fogra 39) Job:02-28051 Title:RP-Textile Artist Handbook
#175 DTP:225 Page:8
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The TexT ile ArT isT 's sTudio hAndbook
(Fogra 39) Job:02-28051 Title:RP-Textile Artist Handbook
#175 DTP:225 Page:9
001-027_28051.indd 9 3/6/12 7:39 PM

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