Chapter 7Strategic ProcrastinationDesign a Later List

Seen and Heard

“I don't have a consistent format for keeping track of my To-Dos. Right now, I toggle between (1) a To-Do List on my phone, (2) a To-Do List on my Google Docs (that enables me to prioritize), and (3) a To-Do List on my online calendar.”

“I don't track my To-Dos. I just do!”

“I record my most immediate To-Dos on sticky notes that I stick to the screen of my laptop. For To-Dos that are further into the future, I write them on my desk calendar, but sometimes I end up forgetting about them until the week of.”

Overview and Objectives

You've nailed the Comprehensive Calendar. But you may be starting to realize that not everything in your life can fit directly into a time slot. ...

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