Chapter 11Keep E-mail in Its Place

Seen and Heard

“I feel e-mail shame! Like, a good e-mailer has everything in folders or deleted and I don't!”

“I wish we could just talk out issues and not send out long elaborate e-mails that take forever to close out.”

“Logging into e-mail seems to suck my time dry. I think I'm only going to spend a few minutes, and hours later, I'm in deep.”

Overview and Objectives

We have all been on the receiving end of that 11 pm e-mail from a colleague that gently buzzes at us from our smartphone on the bedside table. Do we peek? And if we peek, do we answer? What happens if we don't? If we do?

This chapter will not set hard and fast e-mail rules for you such as “only check two times per day” or “don't check e-mail ...

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