Chapter 4Confidence

That night, Eric emailed Carl Vaughn, letting him know that the first token he'd received was, indeed, opening his eyes and broadening his perspective. He mentioned that he wasn't quite sure where this illumination process would take him, but was excited to see what it would expose and how he could use the information to build his business.

He spent the next day at Carl's cabin, pulling down some ceiling beams and floorboards that were in great shape. He was certain that he could integrate the pieces into his cabin in such a way that they no one would be able to tell they hadn't been there since day one. It was part of the challenge and the beauty of what he did, making each construction project look as if no detail had been overlooked.

As the day wound down, he walked back the narrow lane to his mailbox. Thumbing through his mail at home, he separated the junk mail from his bills, one of which caught his eye. It was a recurring bill for an ad he'd been running in a construction industry newsletter for the last year or so. Without thinking, he automatically reached in his pocket for his checkbook to pay the next installment, but then he hesitated.

Hmm, I wonder if I'm getting any return from this investment.

Eric contemplated the answer to that question. Had he received any business from placing an ad in this publication? And if so, did it justify the cost?

Each question seemed to spur another, and Eric knew precisely what he had to do—illuminate. He had to ...

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