Chapter 6. Winners enjoy life's journeys. Whiners put their joy in the destinations.

Life is a series of journeys and destinations. Winners enjoy them both, but if you learn to find joy in the journey, you will experience a lot more of it. The joy of reaching a destination lasts only for a brief moment.

People tend to focus on where they're going. When they get there, though, they feel good for about a minute and then start looking for another destination. Learn to enjoy where you are. Yes, keep climbing, but don't make all of your joy dependent on achievement—make a decision to be happy here and now. Don't put your happiness off until a point in the future, for that is a great deception. If you think you will be happy tomorrow, remember that tomorrow never arrives.

Winners live in the present. They have goals and plans for the future, but they have learned to take action now with joy. Joy is strength for the journey. It empowers us to keep going, even when we are tempted to quit. Whiners quit easily because they don't allow the power of joy to flow until they achieve or arrive.

Since whiners put their joy off until they achieve something or arrive somewhere, they walk through life in a weakened condition. The weakness causes a lack of perseverance. Whiners tire and give up because they just don't have the energy. Joy is energy to finish the journeys of life, and joy is a choice.

There are many journeys in life and we often find ourselves on more than one at the same time. School is ...

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