Chapter 9. Winners are focus-minded. Whiners are scatterbrained.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, or experienced the anxiety of having too much coming at you at once? We all have, at one time or another, and during those moments the stress of being overwhelmed reduces our ability to think, create, and make decisions.

There are two significant causes for feeling overwhelmed. The first is complaining. When you complain, you play the victim, talk excessively, destroy friendships, and think small. Whining overwhelms people and destroys peace of mind.

Remember that winners don't whine and whiners don't win. Winners live with peace of mind. Whiners live in a near-constant state of feeling overwhelmed.

The second source of feeling overwhelmed is being scatterbrained. As long as you are scatterbrained, you will be stressed. When you learn to focus on your top priorities, your mind becomes quiet and you find yourself at peace. A focused mind is powerful and can create new ideas to solve problems.

Ideas can flow from a focused mind. A scattered brain is weak and starts to shut down. For a scattered brain, creativity is next to impossible.

Our minds can handle only a limited number of things. While some people may be able to juggle ten or more things at a time, others may only be able to deal with two or three. When we try to focus on more than we are capable of, we feel overwhelmed.

The solution is to simplify your life.

Winners simplify their lives by breaking them down into categories. Whiners ...

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