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The Top 50 Management Dilemmas

Book Description

The Top 50 Management Dilemmas provides help on the most common hurdles that managers face.  It will help you understand every situation better so you know exactly what to do, fast.


Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Contents
  4. Dedication
  5. About the authors
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 Challenges with individuals
    1. Low motivation
    2. Lack of confidence
    3. Constantly rejects feedback
    4. Lack of competence
    5. Unethical behaviour
    6. Unobserved but reported disrespectful behaviour
    7. High performers who are high maintenance
    8. Personal turmoil
    9. Difficult and delicate conversations
    10. Delegation and letting go
    11. Dominant people
    12. Passionate or stubborn people
  8. 2 Challenges with teams
    1. An under-performing team
    2. Lack of trust
    3. Fear of allowing conflict in a team
    4. A team that avoids accountability
    5. Preferential treatment
    6. Silo mentality
    7. Managing a virtual team
    8. Meetings that stagnate
    9. Meetings that derail
  9. 3 Challenges with externals
    1. Their unrealistic expectations
    2. Elusive or unresponsive behaviour
    3. Patronising or arrogant styles
    4. Constantly changing goalposts
    5. Company merger or acquisition
  10. 4 Challenges around conflict
    1. Individuals who avoid conflict
    2. People who don’t show emotion
    3. Emotional people
    4. Competitive behaviour
    5. Passive-aggressive behaviour
  11. 5 Challenges around change
    1. Covert resistance to change
    2. Overt resistance to change
    3. Denial
    4. People who are too comfortable
    5. Maintaining the team’s high-energy change culture
  12. 6 Challenges around power, politics and influence
    1. Limited access to stakeholders
    2. Building your personal brand
    3. Getting a decision
    4. Organisational politics
    5. Managing up or across
    6. Being micro-managed
    7. Someone who is holding you back
  13. 7 Challenges for yourself
    1. Receiving difficult feedback
    2. Situations where you don’t know the answer
    3. Dealing with your own mistakes and poor decisions
    4. Feeling under-equipped
    5. The loneliness of management
    6. Having your authority or ability questioned
    7. Asking for a raise or promotion
  14. Index
  15. Endorsement
  16. Imprint