You want to get ahead and show others that you can generate tangible results. To get there, you must assess where you are today and compare that to where you want to be. Once you have done that analysis, you will quickly grasp what you need to do between now and then so that you grow out of your job. In this step are four best practices that leaders universally use to obtain measurable results and live up to their self-determined expectations.

After reading this chapter, you should be able to

  • explain to others the universal roles that the CFO plays in every organisation.

  • use a gap analysis to quickly identify specific actionable steps to take.

  • develop a formal action plan for strengthening accountability and ensuring execution.

  • assess any gap you may have in your current skills as you move toward becoming a complete CFO.


Everyone could use a little help.

These words of encouragement apply to the controller and CFO. Most of us know that we could be better at finishing what we start and achieving our goals. The coaching skills you applied to assist others you can now use on yourself. This chapter will cover some daily practices that will help you become even more effective as a catalyst for positive change.

Controller or CFO’s True Role

From a bird’s eye view, the head of the finance function in any organisation universally fulfils four interrelated roles:

  1. Leader

  2. Strategist

  3. Culture shaper ...

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