Chapter 20. Staying on Course

So, how have things changed since we were sitting down at Starbucks in Chapter 1? You've been on quite a journey. Not only have you discovered the changes in your financial behavior that will make your goals a reality, but you have also transformed the beliefs and attitudes that were standing in your way.

This was no easy task. Those beliefs and attitudes run deep. They are connected to our family values, our community values, and our notions of right and wrong. Taking an honest look at those forces, and challenging those ideals that don't stand up to your inner wisdom, was a courageous endeavor. We commend you on your tremendous efforts!

No matter how deeply you choose to delve into this process, you will find that some of your perceptions about money have changed. Life Planning illustrates to even those who just skim the surface that there is more to our financial choices than just dollars and cents. That alone prompts a big transformation in the attitudes of many. But you bought this book because you wanted to make some changes to your financial behavior, and you've taken steps to make those changes real. Now you must maintain them in your everyday life.

The Honeymoon's Over

For a time, your new financial behavior is going to make things exciting. You'll be moving closer to your goals. You'll have new experiences because you're behaving differently. The people around you will take note and praise your efforts. During this period, it's almost like you're ...

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