As the past couple of years have shown, cyber
attacks get more sophisticated each time they occur,
and companies’ dependence on IT has become much
higher than five or ten years ago. Companies and
organisations are increasingly affected by breaches
caused by internal or external sources. The intensity
of these breaches continues to rise for the reasons we
described in the first two chapters, and impacts have
become more intense and networked, including
unwitting third parties.
Companies must be able to protect themselves, and
any good defence or protection rests on three pillars:
a well-established ISMS, a thorough business
examination of the costs and actual impact of those
types of breaches most likely to affect your
organisation, and a well-established business
continuity framework to help you deal with those
unforeseen events and breaches. For decades to
come, our dependency on IT will not decrease and
any organisation resting on these three pillars will do
just fine.
This pocket guide’s intention was to shed light on the
second pillar, and we hope that we have achieved
this objective.

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