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Chapter 1 Fundamental Truths

Ten Fundamental Truths

Fundamental Truth 1: Trust Requires Trusting and Being Trusted

Fundamental Truth 2: Trust Is Personal

Fundamental Truth 3: Trust Is about Relationships

Fundamental Truth 4: Trust Is Created in Interactions

Fundamental Truth 5: There Is No Trust without Risk

Fundamental Truth 6: Trust Is Paradoxical

Fundamental Truth 7: Listening Drives Trust and Influence

Fundamental Truth 8: Trust Does Not Take Time

Fundamental Truth 9: Trust Is Strong and Durable, Not Fragile

Fundamental Truth 10: You Get What You Give

The Three Ps of Trust

1. Trust is Personal.

2. Trust is Paradoxical.

3. Trust is Positively correlated to risk.

Chapter 2 Fundamental Attitudes

Five Fundamental Attitudes

Fundamental Attitude 1: Principles over Processes

Fundamental Attitude 2: You Are More Connected than You Think

Fundamental Attitude 3: It’s Not about You

Fundamental Attitude 4: Curiosity Trumps Knowing

Fundamental Attitude 5: Time Works for You

Chapter 3 The Dynamics of Influence

Three Steps to Being More Influential

1. Change the way you think about how people think.

2. Understand an important driver of influence: reciprocity.

3. Do a better job of listening, not a better job of making your case.

Five-Point Checklist for Being More Influential in Meetings

1. Before you enter the meeting, take one minute to prepare your mind.

2. When you state your point of view during a meeting, state it crisply and simply.

3. Spend the majority of ...

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