The Truth About Being a Leader...and Nothing But the Truth

Book description

When it comes to effective leadership, everyone has an opinion. But you don’t need opinions: you need proven, real-world solutions, based on facts and evidence. That’s what The Truth About Being a Leader delivers: high-power leadership techniques you can use every day, whether you lead one person or 100,000.

Dr. Karen Otazo has spent more than 20 years coaching executives in virtually every type of organization. She’s worked personally with more than 2,000 individuals, from interns to CEOs. Now, drawing on hundreds of secret leadership feedback reports, she reveals what actually works—and doesn’t work— when it comes to being a great leader.

You’ll find simple, easy-to-use techniques for smoothly assuming new leadership roles...honing your style...maximizing your impact...crafting a vision, shaping strategies, and getting buy-in... using power wisely...handling tough coaching and feedback sessions...avoiding leadership pitfalls... strengthening key leadership relationships...inspiring people, building world-class teams, and achieving outstanding results.

Prepare for the toughest challenges of leadership

Widen your “mental bandwidth” in seven key areas

Get beyond the numbers

Learn how to use all your resources, tangible and intangible

Sharpen your vision, and communicate it crisply

Engage, motivate, and inspire all your audiences

Don’t let stress impact your performance

Manage your stress, manage your energy

Use power wisely, and choose your battles

Apply the right touch: not too light, not too heavy-handed

Grow your people, grow your team

Develop outstanding people, achieve outstanding results

Leaders aren’t born, they’re made... and you can make yourself a great leader, starting today! This book’s 52 proven leadership principles and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that work!

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Praise for The Truth About Being a Leader... And Nothing But the Truth
  5. Foreword
  6. Part I: The Truth About Assuming A Leadership Position
    1. Truth 1. More-Responsible Roles Require More Mental "Bandwidth"
    2. Truth 2. Inheriting an Assistant Requires Reeducation
    3. Truth 3. Staffing Your Leadership Office: Your Assistant Plays a Vital Role
    4. Truth 4. The Gaps in Your Work Habits Show Up When You Move Up
    5. Truth 5. A Resource-Based View of Your Organization Goes Beyond the Numbers
  7. Part II: The Truth About Effective Leadership Styles
    1. Truth 6. Soft-Spoken Leadership Requires Stamina
    2. Truth 7. Bullshit Makes Good Fertilizer—Just Watch Your Step
    3. Truth 8. Player/Coach Is a Tricky Role, So Make Sure That You Do Both Well
    4. Truth 9. Caring Leaders Treat Their Teams Like Family
    5. Truth 10. Innovation Requires Preparation
  8. Part III: The Truth About What You Say As a Leader
    1. Truth 11. Match Your Leadership Message to Your Audience
    2. Truth 12. Impactful Leaders Speak Simply
    3. Truth 13. Sound Bites Need to Sizzle
    4. Truth 14. Your Tone of Voice Should Command Attention
    5. Truth 15. Names Matter to People, So Get Them Right
    6. Truth 16. "Coming Attractions" Get Others Tuned in to Your Message
  9. Part IV: The Truth About Leadership Vision
    1. Truth 17. What's the Big Idea? Bring Your Guiding Rules into Everyday Organizational Life
    2. Truth 18. Stories Help Make Change Clear
    3. Truth 19. Playing Out The Tape Helps Others Prepare for the Future
    4. Truth 20. Leaders Frame The Discussion
  10. Part V: The Truth About Leadership Presence and Power
    1. Truth 21. A Leader Is Always "On"
    2. Truth 22. Choose Your Battles Carefully
    3. Truth 23. Your Stress Ripples Across The Organization
    4. Truth 24. Let Your Energy Be Like Fine Champagne—Not Too Bubbly or Flat
    5. Truth 25. You Need to "Read" Like a Leader in the Blink of an Eye
    6. Truth 26. Good Leadership Is The Wise Use of Power
  11. Part VI: The Truth About Getting Things Done
    1. Truth 27. Often The Best Decision Is Empowering Someone Else To Decide
    2. Truth 28. Adjust Your Leadership Style To Fit The Employee
    3. Truth 29. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
    4. Truth 30. The Structure Is Not The Organization, Just As The Map Is Not The Territory
    5. Truth 31. Coming In From The Outside? Pay Your Dues!
    6. Truth 32. Delegation Is a Confidence Game
  12. Part VII: The Truth About Motivating And Inspiring Your Team
    1. Truth 33. Questions Unite; Answers Divide
    2. Truth 34. Feedback Is The Best Kind Of Criticism
    3. Truth 35. You Have More Than The Carrot And The Stick
    4. Truth 36. Quick Coaching Keeps Your Team on Course
    5. Truth 37. Little Things Mean a Lot
  13. Part VIII: The Truth About Molding Your Team
    1. Truth 38. A Leader Cares Passionately About Developing People
    2. Truth 39. Succession Planning Ensures Your Bench Strength
    3. Truth 40. Your Team Is Key to Your Success, So Vet Them Well
    4. Truth 41. Dedicate Your Coaching Time Where It Does The Most Good
    5. Truth 42. Awkward Discussions Are Tough; Play Offense, Not Defense
  14. Part IX: The Truth About Your Leadership Reputation
    1. Truth 43. Ideas Come Across Differently With Different Media
    2. Truth 44. You Can't Hide The Sun With Your Hand: Be Honest
    3. Truth 45. Spouses and Partners Must Be on Their Best Behavior
    4. Truth 46. You Don't Get Your Meat Where You Get Your Potatoes
    5. Truth 47. Don't Get Tangled in the Grapevine
  15. Part X: The Truth About Your Connections
    1. Truth 48. You Can't Microwave Your Leadership Relationships
    2. Truth 49. Your Network Is Your Lifeline to Influence and Information
    3. Truth 50. Peers and Power Are a Potent Mix
    4. Truth 51. It's Lonely at the Top; Keep It That Way
    5. Truth 52. Trust and Loyalty Are Long-Term Goals
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Product information

  • Title: The Truth About Being a Leader...and Nothing But the Truth
  • Author(s): Dr. Karen Otazo
  • Release date: November 2006
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780131873384