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The Truth About Protecting Your IRAs and 401(k)s

Book Description

All you need to know about every IRA, every 401(k)…even HSAs, and more!

·   The truth about getting the most benefits at the lowest cost

·   The truth about avoiding the pitfalls that can kill your retirement

·   The truth about choosing the best strategies for you--and your kids

The Truth About Protecting Your IRAs and 401(k)s arms you with the up-to-the-minute knowledge you need to build your retirement income, as you reduce your costs, taxes, and risks! Consumer finance expert and nationally syndicated radio host Steve Weisman offers 48 quick, bite-size, just-the-facts information about every type of tax-advantaged retirement investments: self-directed, stretch, SIMPLE, SEP, Roth, and spousal IRAs, 401(k)s, and more. You'll find up-to-the-minute guidance on avoiding pitfalls that can cost you a fortune…choosing the right retirement strategies for both you and your heirs…planning retirement investments when you’re a married or unmarried couple…widening your 401(k) investment options…and much more. Like every book in The Truth About Series, this book distills all the essential knowledge you need on a topic...presents it clearly, simply, and quickly, with an “a-ha!” on every page...and shows exactly how to put it to work in your daily life. Easy to read, easy to use, it’s all you need to gain retirement security--and protect it for the rest of your life!

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. TRUTH 1. IRA
  7. TRUTH 2. Let’s get it started (IRA style)
  8. TRUTH 3. 59 1/2 and 70 1/2
  9. TRUTH 4. Earned income
  10. TRUTH 5. IRA deductions
  11. TRUTH 6. Distributions from IRAs
  12. TRUTH 7. Minimum required distributions
  13. TRUTH 8. Withdrawal pains
  14. TRUTH 9. Spousal IRA
  15. TRUTH 10. Trusts as IRA beneficiaries
  16. TRUTH 11. Beneficiary designations
  17. TRUTH 12. Customizing beneficiary designation forms
  18. TRUTH 13. Self-directed IRAs
  19. TRUTH 14. Stretch IRA
  20. TRUTH 15. Disclaimers
  21. TRUTH 16. Inheriting an IRA
  22. TRUTH 17. Maximizing IRA benefits for a surviving spouse
  23. TRUTH 18. Roth IRA for children
  24. TRUTH 19. IRA conversions
  26. TRUTH 21. SEP IRA
  27. TRUTH 22. IRA effects on taxation of Social Security benefits
  28. TRUTH 23. Excess contributions to a Roth IRA
  29. TRUTH 24. 401(k)
  30. TRUTH 25. 401(k) fees
  31. TRUTH 26. IRA and 401(k) investments 101
  32. TRUTH 27. What to do if you don’t like your 401(k) choices
  33. TRUTH 28. Vesting rules for 401(k)s
  34. TRUTH 29. Borrowing from your 401(k)
  35. TRUTH 30. Company stock in 401(k)s
  36. TRUTH 31. IRAs, 401(k)s, and creditors
  37. TRUTH 32. Automatic 401(k) enrollment
  38. TRUTH 33. Roth 401(k)s
  39. TRUTH 34. Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), or Roth 401(k)
  40. TRUTH 35. 401(k) choices when you leave your job
  41. TRUTH 36. 401(k) transfers
  42. TRUTH 37. Individual 401(k)
  43. TRUTH 38. SIMPLE 401(k)
  44. TRUTH 39. Increasing tax brackets
  45. TRUTH 40. Suing plan administrators
  46. TRUTH 41. Retirement savings contribution credit
  47. TRUTH 42. Divorce and your IRA or 401(k)
  48. TRUTH 43. Health savings accounts
  49. TRUTH 44. Unmarried and same sex couples
  50. TRUTH 45. Steve’s rules, part 1
  51. TRUTH 46. Steve’s rules, part 2
  52. TRUTH 47. Definitions
  53. TRUTH 48. IRS Publication 590: Worksheets and Tables
  54. About the Author
  55. Acknowledgments