Why News Can Be Just Noise
As day traders, we only need information that directly affects the stock that we’re trading intraday. Here’s something else that should go on a big sign:
It’s easy to keep an anxious ear on the news that impacts your stock. The tricky part is to know when to listen, and also when not to listen. Certain types of news can drastically interfere with the intraday price action, including premarket and after-market action. That’s news worth hearing.
The following news items, if related to your stocks, are broadcasts you must keep abreast of:
• Earnings announcements
• Fed interest rate cuts/hikes
• Core product issues
• Merger talks
• Class action lawsuits
• Bankruptcy announcements
• Employee strike threats
• CEO resignations
• Governmental interventions
• Chief competitor advancements
If you fail to get the initial scoop on events like those listed above, then you won’t be prepared for the rollercoaster ride that’s likely to immediately follow. Beware! Most of those items will hit the news wire without any prior warning. If you don’t know that they’ve just transpired, you’ll likely get hit with the worst kind volatility, the unexpected kind, right in the middle of a trading session.
Conversely, however, you should totally ignore certain buzzing. Too much buzz about your stock can seriously mar your daily rhythm, and can negatively influence your decision-making ...

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