The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking

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“An essential, enlightening guide to an area rapidly expanding beyond garish MySpace pages into an essential business component. This is a vital reference at just the right time!”

Mark A. Kellner, “On Computers” Columnist, The Washington Times

"Smart business people are using social networking to support their marketing and overall business strategies. But it is hard to do it right without understanding both social networks and the community norms you’ll find there. Rutledge’s book not only gives smart advice on how to navigate those waters, but does so with examples that are easy to understand and translate for use in your business."

Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer Blog

"This book could help your business make money and sales using social networking. From using MySpace and Facebook to using an internal social networking system, it covers it all."

Linda Roeder, Social Networking Weblog, and Personal Web Pages Guide,

"Social media takes community effort. As such, networking is of utmost importance on social networking sites. To become a successful contributor, you need to be a team player. Don't be afraid to reach out to anyone, big or small. Making that connection and maintaining that connection is critical; everything else will fall into place from there. Rutledge uncovers all the necessary skills to use these tools in this easy-to-understand book."

Tamar Weinberg, Techipedia

"Using online social networks for business and professional advancement requires more than just understanding the technology. Social networks are all about human interaction. This book provides numerous examples, ample advice, and easy-to-follow guidelines for those looking to navigate the previously uncharted waters of technology-enabled social networking."

Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D., A.P.R., Owner, Searching for Profit

"With The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking, Rutledge provides deep insights into social networking and how to profit from its proper usage, both financially and in your career."

Allen Stern, Editor, Center Networks

"There is a right way and a wrong way to use social networks. Rutledge uncovers these truths and makes understanding the difference between them clear so you can achieve success and avoid failure."

Jason Bean, Blogger, b5media

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, & beyond: “social network” your way to success, step by step!

•           The truth about using social networks to supercharge your career

•           The truth about building your business through social networks

•           The truth about social networking privacy, safety, and security

This book reveals 50 Proven Social Networking Principles and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that work

Social networking is one of today's hot topics, and its popularity is predicted to grow over the next decade. An integral part of the Web 2.0 strategy of online collaboration, social networks are enabling millions of people to make the most of online connections and social networking strategies.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Praise for The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking
  3. Introduction
  4. I. The Truth About the Social Networking Phenomenon
    1. 1. Social networking is a lot more than MySpace and YouTube
    2. 2. Forget everything you think you know about social networking
    3. 3. The traffic stampede: numbers don’t lie
    4. 4. With social networking, change is the only constant
  5. II. The Truth About the Most Popular Social Networking Sites
    1. 5. MySpace isn’t just for teenagers
    2. 6. LinkedIn is the place for business
      1. Create a profile that maps to your goals
      2. Expand your network beyond the people you know to the people you want to know
      3. Participate in the LinkedIn community and beyond
    3. 7. YouTube is for profit, not just play
    4. 8. Facebook extends beyond the collegiate crowd
  6. III. The Truth About Finding a Job Through Social Networking
    1. 9. Forget the old rules of the job search
    2. 10. Throw away your traditional resume
    3. 11. If you want to be hired, go where people are hiring
    4. 12. Recruiters really do want to find you
    5. 13. It’s who you know that counts...most of the time
    6. 14. Following up outside your virtual community is key
  7. IV. The Truth About Recruiting the Best Candidates Through Social Networking
    1. 15. The world of recruiting has changed forever
      1. Social networking as a viable recruitment tool
      2. Social networking as a recruiter marketing tool
      3. The growing popularity of “online Rolodex” websites
      4. The growth of software that streamlines the online recruitment process
      5. Social networking as a corporate tool for employee recruitment
    2. 16. The best candidates are often the ones who aren’t looking
    3. 17. Be your own detective: finding candidates’ secrets is easier than ever
    4. 18. LinkedIn is the recruiter’s favorite social networking tool
  8. V. The Truth About Networking Your Way to Business Success
    1. 19. A social networking marketing plan is not a traditional marketing plan
    2. 20. The right kind of “socializing” can lead to big profits
    3. 21. Reaching key decision makers requires trust
      1. Be in the right place
      2. Evaluate a potential contact’s online presence
      3. Check out the company they keep
      4. Get Googling
      5. Beware of the charmers
      6. Trust your instincts
  9. VI. The Truth About Launching a Product or Service Through Social Networking
    1. 22. The $2.2 billion tip: advertising where the crowds gather pays off
    2. 23. If you don’t “get” social networking, your campaign won’t work
      1. Personalize your customers’ experience
      2. Plan for the worst
      3. Inspire evangelism
    3. 24. Marketing to the MySpace generation is different
      1. Generation Y represents a wide, diverse audience
      2. Young adults are technology-driven
      3. Young adults like multimedia
      4. Generation Y is socially conscious
      5. Young adults are flocking to virtual worlds
    4. 25. Making them hungry makes them buy
    5. 26. Viral videos are for business, not just fun
      1. Start with a killer concept
      2. Think outside the box, but not too far outside the box
      3. Remember the bottom line
      4. Engage your customers
      5. Get viral
  10. VII. The Truth About Corporate Social Networks
    1. 27. Corporate social networking has arrived
      1. Improved knowledge management and sharing
      2. Enhanced employee communication and retention
      3. Increased business development
    2. 28. You need to embrace the virtual water cooler
    3. 29. You can get something for nothing: free, open-source social networks
  11. VIII. The Truth About Social Networking for Social Causes
    1. 30. Social networking is changing the world of online fundraising
    2. 31. Networking for good makes good sense
    3. 32. Get social, get elected
  12. IX. The Truth About Social Networking Success
    1. 33. Online networking is still networking
    2. 34. Quality counts: more isn’t always merrier
    3. 35. Online branding: your profile is how the world sees you
    4. 36. Learning from the masters can make you a master social networker
    5. 37. Six degrees of separation is more than just the name of a movie
    6. 38. Social networking doesn’t happen in a vacuum
  13. X. The Truth About Making Connections That Count
    1. 39. Connect and reconnect: develop a network that works for you
    2. 40. You can never have too many friends...or can you?
    3. 41. You can connect with the rich and famous
    4. 42. You’ve got mail...but you shouldn’t always answer it
  14. XI. The Truth About Social Networking Privacy and Safety
    1. 43. Social networking makes your past an open book
    2. 44. You never know who is reading your profile
    3. 45. Knowledge is the key to safeguarding your privacy online
  15. XII. The Truth About the Future of Social Networking
    1. 46. Social networking will expand exponentially in the next decade
      1. Niche sites will become the social networking trend of the future
      2. Social network advertising budgets will increase
      3. Open standards for sharing data across the social web will emerge
      4. Social networking’s exponential growth will drop
    2. 47. Social networking is going mobile
      1. The friend finders
      2. The communities
      3. Mobile goes global
    3. 48. Not all social networking occurs on social networking sites
    4. 49. Creating your own social network is easier than you think
      1. Know what’s possible
      2. Understand the cost of free solutions
      3. Know your level of technical skill
      4. Know the business model you want to pursue
    5. 50. You don’t have to follow the trends just because they’re there
      1. Follow the trends as they relate to you
      2. Don’t be afraid not to follow the trends
      3. Start your own trend
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  18. About the Author

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  • Title: The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking
  • Author(s): Patrice-Anne Rutledge
  • Release date: May 2008
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780768684438