There is no future in England’s dreaming

The Brief

Create a punk inspired “ransom note” album cover

Trim Size

12 × 12 inches (305 × 305 mm)

Learning Points

  • Working with the Touch Type tool in Illustrator

  • Working with vector masks in Photoshop

  • Working with Gradient Maps


Illustrator, Photoshop

Fonts Used

Courier, Poplar, Times, Helvetica Condensed



If you’re younger than 40, you can’t be blamed for having romantic ideas about the 1970s. Take it from us: This decade stank. Literally. The garbage men were on strike, and mainstream culture was bland and complacent. If you don’t believe us, Google “Donny & Marie.” The stuff of nightmares.

Luckily, a few scrappy rebels invented a whole new style: defiant, brash, ...

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