© Felicity Brand, Heather McNamee, and Jeffrey A. McGuire 2021
F. Brand et al.The TYPO3 Guidebookhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6525-3_13

13. Guide 9: Creating a Business Around TYPO3

Felicity Brand1  , Heather McNamee2 and Jeffrey A. McGuire3
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Northern Ireland, UK
Olpe, Germany

TYPO3 is a professional-grade web publishing platform, and a perfect starting point to build—or expand—a professional web agency business.

This guide will be useful for you if you have (or would like to have) a web agency business built around TYPO3. It will help answer some important questions relating to running a business around TYPO3. It will show you how to use some of TYPO3’s strengths to find a solid market segment to target and how ...

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