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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Minecraft

Video Description

Minecraft: this universe is yours. These videos will make it yours. You have world-class guides now: Joel Comm and Zach Comm. They know the terrain. The traps. The gameplay. So will you. Just watch: it's all here. Get registered. Master the interface. Explore the world. Grab the tools. Combat the skellies. Build your shelter. Gather. Eat. Dig. Fight. Survive. Trade. Farm. Mine. Thrive. New around here? Worry not: this is The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Minecraft. Want to be a total expert? Three hours: that's all it takes. Combat school. Pro-level spelunking. Utility mobs. Animal husbandry. Automated farming. Redstone circuits. Ancient temples. All here. This is power. This is Minecraft. This is yours.