Part II: Influencing others: getting your own way

The second part of this book is about genuine communication. I have broken it up into the three communication tools that I use more than any others with my clients and with my friends. When I say that, I mean that I use these tools in everyday life. I use them in meetings, sales calls and parties. They are literally tools that you can use in every context of your life to help you get your own way. They can be used in parenting, relationships and even for — nightclub excellence! Have fun with them. They are so easy to use and think about.

These chapters cover persuasion, conversation and reading different kinds of people.

Here we go! Here are the first three claims on the first three tools presented in this book. They are simply the greatest tool ever for creating presence, the greatest tool ever for communication and finally, the greatest tool ever for persuasion!

Did I oversell that? I don’t think so. These tools work. Here they are.

Tool number 4: act as if — greatest tool ever for creating presence

• The keys to improving your body language and increasing your presence.

• Assessing how you are perceived by others and how you show up every day.

• Five adjustments that dramatically improve your ability to influence others.

Tool number 5: FORD — greatest communication tool ever

• Mastering the art of small talk and conversation.

• Mastering the art of sales and leadership.

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