Chapter 8: Tool number 8: reading body language

Earlier in the book, I talked about the fact that body language — the things someone is not saying — is the most powerful form of communication. But most people do not know what they are looking for in reading body language. Most people are good at hearing words and tone, but are poor when it comes to picking up the subtle body language messages that are speaking loudly and clearly.

With tool number 8, reading body language, I want to share with you some easy things to look for in conversations. Some sure signals will help you understand people, read the play and win more business. Often, a signal will be a prompt for me to simply ask another question for clarification. Reading the body language will give you insight into what is really going on for the other person.

Body language signals

I am going to share with you some common body language signals that are often discussed in the analysis of what is really being said. These signals allow you to gain greater understanding of what the customer is really feeling. They are really clues to help you uncover how to proceed with the customer and recognise at what points it is important to ask further questions. This will apply to every aspect of your life.

Touching the nose

This is often a flick of the nose with the thumb or the finger as the person is talking. It could be that they have a genuine itch. However, if there are no pollutants ...

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