Chapter 10



Three Thoughts on the Impact of Lousy Leads

Become a Lead Generation Genius

Generating Referrals

Exercise 10.1. The Rep’s Perspective

Exercise 10.2. The Buyer’s Perspective

Exercise 10.3. The Revenue Perspective

Referrals from Current Customers

Exercise 10.4. Identifying Buyers for Referral

Maintain That Referral Mindset!

Referrals from Non-Customers

Exercise 10.5. Searching Out Referrals

Exercise 10.6. Creating Elevator Speeches

Prospecting Through Electronic and Print Resources

Electronic Sources

Exercise 10.7. Brainstorming Digital Sources

Print Sources

Exercise 10.8. Brainstorming Print Sources

The Conversation

Exercise 10.9. Planning Cold Calls

The Final Piece of the Cold-Calling Puzzle

Call it lead generation, ...

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