Chapter 13

Bypassing Gatekeepers


Exercise 13.1. Brainstorming How to Deal with Gatekeepers

Concept: Turn Walls into Windows

Gatekeeper Strategies

First Call at the Highest Level

Ask to Leave Voicemail for the Decision-Maker

Pitch the Gatekeeper as a Decision-Maker

Ask “Who Owns the Results of This Issue/Decision?”

Go Around Them

Make ’em Laugh

Ask a Question They Can’t Answer

Gatekeepers! If we won’t admit it’s a dirty word, at least we can’t ignore how the good ones can get the stomach acid sizzling when they stonewall us from buyers who need what we have and have the money to spend on our products and services. In this chapter, you’ll see seven strategies for handling gatekeepers. The first one (call at the highest level) is first ...

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