Never before in your lifetime has your money, your home, your retirement, and your entire financial future seen greater turmoil!

You've already witnessed the worst real estate disaster, the largest bank failures, and the biggest losses of wealth since the Great Depression.

You've seen America's most powerful corporate executives forecasting disaster, confessing they're going bankrupt, and begging Congress for massive bailouts.

You've seen our government take gigantic, radical steps to end the crisis and bring about a recovery, only to create new bubbles and risk larger busts.

You've seen the U.S. Federal Reserve do something it had never done before—print massive amounts of paper money to try to pump up the economy.

You must recognize it's high time to do something to protect yourself.

In this book, you will learn how. I give you step-by-step instructions to avoid the dangers, get your money to safety, and secure your family's financial well-being. I explain what's likely to happen next, how far real estate and stocks could fall, how long the crisis can last, how much government rescues can or cannot actually achieve, and how to know when a true recovery is about to begin.

Best of all, I show you how to separate the weak from the strong with our Weiss ratings, the only ratings that cover all U.S. financial sectors with no conflicts of interest.

And as a special extra, I show how to turn this massive crisis into an equally massive opportunity. While most people cringe in fear ...

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