The Ultimate Player’s Guide to Minecraft® - PlayStation™ Edition: Covers Both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Versions

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The Ultimate Player's Guide to Minecraft - PlayStation Edition

Minecraft: These worlds are YOURS!

Minecraft is WAY more than a game: it’s an alternate universe of creation, exhilaration, survival, adventure, passion! Don’t enter that universe alone. Take an experienced guide who’ll help you constantly as you learn the secrets of Minecraft on the PlayStation!

Stephen O’Brien has been obsessing over Minecraft since its earliest betas. He’s seen it all! Now, he’ll take you deep inside craft and mine, cave and menagerie, farm and village. He’ll reveal combat traps and tricks you need to know… teach you enchantments of unimaginable power… help you survive where few dare to go… help you OWN the infinite worlds of Minecraft! Based on the international best-seller of the same name, this book is ideal for Minecrafters of all ages.

  • Quick-start guide for first-night survival to get started NOW

  • Customize your experience: monstrous, peaceful, and more

  • Harvest resources, craft tools and shelters—let there be light

  • Grab your pickaxe: mine iron, gold, diamonds, and redstone

  • Escape (or defeat!) 14 types of hostile mobs

  • Get friendly mobs on your side and build automated farms

  • Brew potions to cure ills, gain superpowers, and to throw at enemies

  • Transform your shelter into a palace (or a secret underwater base)

  • Create customized worlds with unique seeds

  • Learn the secrets of redstone devices and build incredible rail systems

  • Play safely through The Nether and The End

  • Play with up to eight of your friends on PlayStation, or run in splitscreen mode

  • Stephen O’Brien is an Australian-born writer and entrepreneur now residing in Sydney after too many years in Silicon Valley. He has written more than 30 books, including several best- sellers. O’Brien founded Typefi, the world’s leading automated publishing system, and in his spare time invented a new type of espresso machine called mypressi. He’s a perpetual innovator who remains astounded at the unparalleled creativity Minecraft can engender.

    This book was not created by and is not endorsed by Notch Development AB Corporation/Mojang Synergies AB Corporation, or Sony Computer Entertainment.


    Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. Introduction
      1. What’s In This Book
      2. How to Use This Book
        1. Crafting Recipes
    12. 1. Getting Started
      1. Starting a New Game
        1. More Options
        2. Single-Player Game Modes
      2. Hosting and Controlling Multiplayer Games
      3. Understanding World Seeds
      4. Controls
      5. The Bottom Line
    13. 2. First-Night Survival
      1. Surviving and Thriving
      2. Heading for the Trees
      3. Using Your Inventory
      4. Building a Crafting Table
        1. Let’s Build Some Tools
        2. Creating a Shelter
        3. The Furnace Is Your Friend
        4. Let There Be Light
        5. Slumbering with Lumber
      5. The Bottom Line
    14. 3. Gathering Resources
      1. Introducing the HUD
      2. Avoiding Getting Lost
      3. Improving Your Tools
      4. Chests: Safely Stashing Your Stuff
      5. Avoiding Monsters
      6. Hunger Management
      7. Your Mission: Food, Resources, and Reconnaissance
        1. Food on the Run
        2. Finding a Building Site
      8. A Resourceful Guide to the Creative Mode Inventory
      9. The Bottom Line
    15. 4. Mining
      1. Dig Deep, My Friend
      2. The Mining Layer Cake Guide
      3. Lava Lakes and Other Pitfalls
      4. Descending to Layer 11
        1. The 2×1 Ladder Descent
        2. The Straight Staircase
        3. The Spiral Staircase
      5. Layouts for Fast, Efficient Mining
      6. Staying Safe While You Mine
      7. The Bottom Line
    16. 5. Combat School
      1. Introducing the Menagerie
        1. Zombies
        2. Spiders
        3. Skeletons
        4. Cave Spiders
        5. Spider Jockeys
        6. Creepers
        7. Slimes
        8. Endermen
        9. Zombie Pigmen
      2. Defensive Mobs
        1. Snow Golems
        2. Iron Golems
      3. Weapons and Armor
        1. Swordcraft
        2. Bows and Arrows
        3. Armor-All
        4. Color Coordinate Your Leather
      4. The Bottom Line
    17. 6. Crop Farming
      1. Choosing a Crop
        1. Finding Seeds in Elysium
        2. Establishing a Wheat Farm
        3. Automated Farms
        4. Creating a Piston Harvester
        5. Sticky Piston Harvesting
        6. Creating a Water Harvester
        7. Harvesting Other Crops
      2. The Bottom Line
    18. 7. Farming and Taming Mobs
      1. Farming and Working with Friendly Mobs
        1. Breeding Animals
        2. Riding Pigs
      2. Fishing
      3. The Bottom Line
    19. 8. Creative Construction
      1. Leaving the Cave
      2. Unleashing Your Interior Decorator
      3. Building Underwater
      4. Protecting Your Perimeter
        1. Becoming a Ditch Witch
        2. Mob Pitfalls
        3. Thick as a Brick
      5. The Bottom Line
    20. 9. Redstone, Rails, and More
      1. Seeing Red: A Beginner’s Guide
        1. Power Sources
        2. Redstone Wiring
        3. Powered Blocks
        4. Repeaters
        5. Output Devices
      2. Automatic Doors
        1. Vertical Currents
      3. Advanced Circuits
        1. NOT Gates, aka Inverters
        2. OR Gates, or Any Input Will Do
        3. AND Gates, Two True
        4. Repeater Loops
      4. Rail Transport
        1. Have Minecart, Will Travel
        2. Rolling on Rails
        3. Making Tracks and Stations
        4. Halfway Stations
      5. The Bottom Line
    21. 10. Enchanting, Anvils, and Brewing
      1. Enchanting Wiles
        1. Creating and Mining Obsidian
        2. Crafting Books
        3. Casting Enchantments
        4. Improving Enchantment Chances with Bookshelves
        5. Earning and Managing Experience
        6. Sprucing Up Your Weapons
        7. Enhancing Your Armor
        8. Improving Your Tools
      2. Hammer It Out with the Anvil
      3. Brewing Potions
        1. Brewing Up a Storm
        2. Enhancing Potions
      4. The Bottom Line
    22. 11. Villages and Other Structures
      1. Village Life
      2. Emerald City: Your Ticket to Trade
      3. Other Structures
        1. Desert Temples
        2. Jungle Temples
        3. Dungeons
        4. Abandoned Mineshafts
        5. Strongholds
        6. Nether Fortresses
      4. Mapping, or There and Back Again
      5. Crafting a Clock
      6. The Bottom Line
    23. 12. Playing Through: The Nether and The End
      1. Alternate Dimensions
      2. Getting to The Nether
        1. Portal Magic
      3. Surviving the Nether Fortress
      4. Nether Mobs
      5. The End Game
        1. Finding a Stronghold
        2. Defeating the Ender Dragon
      6. The Bottom Line
    24. Index

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    • Title: The Ultimate Player’s Guide to Minecraft® - PlayStation™ Edition: Covers Both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Versions
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2014
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133900668