Page Faults

Page Fault Causes

Any one of the following events results in the generation of a Page Fault exception:

  • The selected PDE's P bit = 0, indicating that the selected Page Table is not present in memory.

  • The selected PTE's P bit = 0, indicating that the target page is not present in memory.

  • An attempt to write to a read-only page.

  • Insufficient page-level privilege to access the Page Table or the page.

  • A reserved bit set to one in the PDE or PTE.

If the Page Fault occurs due to a page not present or a page privilege access violation (insufficient privilege or writes are not permitted), the A and D bits are affected in the PDE, but not in the PTE. The PTE's A and D bits are only affected if the page access succeeds.

Second Page Fault while in ...

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