Chapter 12

Everything You Need to Know about Making Yourself Famous (in about an Hour)

TO BE A BUSINESS, YOU HAVE to have customers. To get customers, they have to know about you. What they know has to make them want to buy.

It’s that simple.

This is what we mean by making yourself famous. We mean getting seen and heard in your marketplace—whether it’s the local community or a global one—standing for an idea of value, and being talked about by others. If you do this, you’ll end up with a name that has a specific reputation attached, commonly known as a brand.

When you discover what your brand is, you’ll know that it will always be the center of what makes and keeps you famous. That’s why it’s the focus of this chapter. Along with True Teams, crafting a unique selling brand is one of the biggest multipliers of entrepreneurial success, and it’s doable by anyone who takes a few simple steps to find a great selling brand and control it.

All your marketing and sales communications should beat from the same heart: one strong brand foundation, the one big selling idea that sets you apart. The process that comes later on—advertising, free media, events, and PR—is more tactical and technical. It can be read about, learned in classrooms, or hired.

Every business can use the following brand tools for free to help make themselves famous. They’ve been honed for decades by brand titans who put these principles to the test, turning tiny start-ups into global giants. The power behind your brand ...

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