Chapter 4. getting to know your users

getting to know your users

“Do we actually have to go to your parents’? Can’t we just visit their web site?”

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  1. 5 things you should know about your users

  2. Estimating audience size

  3. Action section: Who are your users?

  4. Lesson from the trenches: You are not your user!

  5. Predicting what users will want

  6. 50 ways to lose your users

Of all the mistakes a site owner could make, the most common—and the most perilous—is to underestimate the power of the user.

Ask Mike Kuniavsky. A long-time web developer and author of Observing the User Experience, Kuniavsky has seen more than his share of wayward web sites. From 1999–2000, he consulted for more ...

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