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The Value of Operations Security

Video Description

While policy creation and maintenance is a common focus for information security, policies leave a lot of room for implementation and interpretation. Complying with a good set of security policies does not guarantee that your organization is well-protected against attack. Your organization needs a good operations security team to implement security measures.In this webcast, Security Professional Ric Messier will identify key points to understanding operations security and the need for a focus on it; details on potential components of a solid operations security plan; understanding the importance of detection and response capabilities in near-real time.Audience members will come away learning:What is Operations SecurityPolicy ShortcomingsRegulations and ComplianceThreats to OperationsOperational ProtectionsDetection CapabilitiesResponding to Threats in Real-TimeFeedback LoopsThis event is ideal for Technical Security Professionals, Technical Management, Networking Professionals, Systems Administrators, and Executive Management who want a better understanding of the needs of the security team.

Table of Contents

  1. The Value of Operations Security 00:50:47