Questions for Reflection from the End of the Chapters

From the Introduction

Think about the next six months or year of your life. What is an important choice that lies ahead of you in this space of time? Keep this choice in mind as you read the following chapters, remembering that you do have a choice.

From Chapter 1

Where do you stand in relation to the black hole? Who stands for you and your freedom from its gravity?

From Chapter 2

When have you had an experience of self-efficacy? What was it like?

From Chapter 3

What is an example of a belief you hold about yourself, others, or the world that gives you strength?

From Chapter 4

Pick one example each in your life of (1) true work, (2) a positive relationship, and (3) authentic communication. What makes each example distinctive?

From Chapter 5

Pick 1 of the 12 questions listed on pages 103–104 and write out your thoughts in response to it. Let it sit for a day and then revisit what you wrote. Has your response changed at all? Over the next few months, try doing the same each week for the other 11 questions.

From the Conclusion

Which of the chapters that you have read speaks most to the situation and challenges you are facing now in your life? Who is someone with whom you could have an authentic conversation about what you have learned from your reading and reflection?

Additional Tools

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