The Way We Build Now

Book description

This book examines the structural and construction design of buildings. The first part presents an overview of materials and structural forms taking the point of view of the designer, architect and engineer. The second part is an extensive examination of over 70 case studies. They have been carefully selected and tightly structured to present a summary of established modern methods of building construction. It contains copious ready-reference charts of design information, numerous photographs and meticulous axonometric drawings. The book is international in scope. Dual units are used throughout (SI and Imperial) and nearly half the case studies are taken from the USA. Cases are also drawn from Canada, Europe, Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong as well as 25 from the UK.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Building Materials
    1. Properties of Materials
    2. Masonry
    3. Cement and Concrete
    4. Metal
    5. Wood
    6. Plastic
    7. Fabric
    8. Glass
    9. Tables
  9. 2 Building Structures
    1. Stress and Strain
    2. Joints
    3. Classification of Building Structures
    4. Simply Supported Beams
    5. Continuous Beams
    6. Ties and Columns
    7. Trusses and Reticulated Structures
    8. Arches and Cables
    9. Frames
    10. Floor and Roof Systems
    11. Building Systems
    12. High Rise Buildings
    13. Properties of Surfaces
    14. Membrane Structures
    15. Structural Form and Scale
    16. Load Paths
    17. Tables
  10. 3 Building Physics
    1. Internal Environment
    2. Heat Transfer
    3. Intermittent Heating and Cooling
    4. Climate
    5. Heating and Cooling Loads
    6. Thermodynamics
    7. Air Conditioning
    8. Plant Operation
    9. Walls and Roofs
    10. Condensation
    11. Lighting
    12. Glare
    13. Colour
    14. Daylight
    15. Artificial Light
    16. Sound
    17. Sound Absorption
    18. Sound Insulation
    19. Room Acoustics
  11. 4 Fire Safety
    1. Compartment Fire
    2. Temperature and Duration of Fire
    3. Spread of Fire and Smoke
    4. Passive Fire Protection
    5. Active Fire Protection
    6. Fire Precautions in Buildings
    7. Properties of Materials in Fire
  12. 5 Houses and Community Buildings
    1. Woolstone Houses, Milton Keynes, England
    2. Keldy Castle Forest Cabins, Cropton, Yorkshire, England
    3. IBM Exhibition Pavilion, Europe
    4. South Poplar Health Centre, London, England
    5. Sixth Form College, Alton, Hampshire, England
    6. Schulitz House, Beverly Hills, California, USA
    7. Marin Tennis Club, San Raphael, California, USA
    8. Dune Houses, Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA
    9. Beach Bathhouse, Chesterton, Indiana, USA
  13. 6 Office Buildings
    1. TRADA Offices, High Wycombe, England
    2. 1111 Nineteenth Street NW, Washington DC, USA
    3. Chloride Technical Offices & Workshop, Swinton, Manchester, England
    4. Havas Conseil Offices, Neuilly, France
    5. Banque Belge Offices, London, England
    6. Slough Estates House, Slough, England
    7. Scottish Mutual House, Leeds, England
    8. Mercantile Bank Tower, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
    9. Baring Brothers Offices, London, England
    10. Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    11. Gateway House, Basingstoke, England
    12. Centraal Beheer Offices, Apeldoorn, Holland
    13. One Finsbury Avenue, London, England
  14. 7 Public Buildings
    1. St Anne’s Church, Fawley Court, Henley-on-Thames, England
    2. Kron Apotheke, Stuttgart, West Germany
    3. South Holland Centre, Spalding, England
    4. St Antony’s College, Oxford, England
    5. Guilford County Courthouse, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
    6. Design Research Building, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    7. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
    8. Boston City Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  15. 8 Residential Buildings
    1. Boulton House, Cambridge, England
    2. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
    3. The Harewood Hotel, London, England
    4. Elizabeth House, Leicester, England
    5. William Stone Building, Cambridge, England
    6. Spelman Halls, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
  16. 9 Highly Serviced Buildings
    1. Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
    2. Biochemical Sciences Laboratory, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
    3. Wellesley College Science Center, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA
    4. Sainsbury Centre, Norwich, England
    5. Woodhull Medical & Mental Health Center, Brooklyn, USA
    6. Nucleus Hospital, Maidstone, England
  17. 10 Sports and Storage Buildings
    1. Sankey Warehouse, Epsom, England
    2. Penguin Books Warehouse, Harmondsworth, England
    3. Anacostia Park Pavilion, Washington DC, USA
    4. St Mary’s Athletic Facility, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
    5. Sports Hall for School of Gymnastics & Sport, Magglingen, Switzerland
    6. Sports Centre, Sokoto, Nigeria
    7. Eisstadion, Braunlage, West Germany
    8. Crosby Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  18. 11 Space Structure Buildings
    1. Liverpool Garden Festival Theatre, Liverpool, England
    2. La Lumiere Gymnasium, La Porte, Indiana, USA
    3. Wayland School Field House, Wayland, Massachusetts, USA
    4. Oasis Swimming Pool, Swindon, England
    5. Faulerbad, Freiburg, West Germany
    6. Florida Festival, Orlando, Florida USA
    7. Baxter Laboratories Dining Hall, Dearfield, Illinois, USA
    8. Bundesgartenschau Lattice Shell, Mannheim, West Germany
    9. Fleetguard Factory, Quimper, France
    10. Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Georgia, USA
    11. Leavey Activities Center, Santa Clara, California, USA
    12. Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Arena, Oakland, California, USA
    13. Calgary Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  19. 12 High Rise Buildings
    1. Knights of Columbus Building, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
    2. Mercantile Tower, St Louis, Missouri, USA
    3. Sabah Foundation Headquarters, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
    4. Xerox Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA
    5. First International Building, Dallas, Texas, USA
    6. Texas Commerce Tower, Houston, Texas, USA
    7. Metro Dade Center, Miami, Florida, USA
    8. First Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    9. One Shell Plaza, Houston, Texas, USA
    10. One Mellon Bank Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
    11. The Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois, USA
    12. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation HQ, Hong Kong
  20. Appendix
    1. Metric and Imperial Units
  21. References
  22. Bibliography

Product information

  • Title: The Way We Build Now
  • Author(s): Andrew Orton
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): Taylor & Francis
  • ISBN: 9781136737169