Chapter 2


I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.

—Michael Jordan

I am standing on stage at an event in front of hundreds of people, with several of my clients in the audience. I am to give success tips and advice, and share my own rocky, hero's path. As the moderator opens up the audience to questions, one of my clients progresses to the microphone stand with quite a hop in her step. She states her name, her business, and tilts her head as she begins her question, which feels like it takes 45 minutes, but only really takes 45 seconds. She asks, “Suzanne, I've been working with you for two years on my business. Yet I still seem to be floundering, not making money, and am really unclear on my message. I am wondering if anyone on the panel has any suggestions?”

I swear I heard a death bell in both of my ears and the room fell silent. Some kind and gentle panelist handled the question very well, respected me, and moved on.

I was mortified. Every button I possessed was pushed. It felt like my eyes were blinking red and smoke was puffing from my ears like a Saturday-morning cartoon character. I managed to make my way off stage after the session and promptly began ruminating about it for a few days. I blamed that client, made myself feel bad, and even thought (just for a while) that I must be wrong or simply not good at what I do for a living. What did I do to her to make ...

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