Chapter 11


We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.

—Nelson Mandela

To be more successful in our lives and more efficient in our relationships, business, and the world, we must first get clear about our vision for where we are going. To help do that:

  • Your decisions should be intuitive and quick.
  • Clarity should be part of a daily meditative practice.
  • You should play with your vision daily.
  • You should create a weekly list of what you need and want.
  • You should ask for what you need within 30 minutes of needing it.

This brings us to the topic of time. Let's begin with two important questions:

  • How are you wasting time in your life and business?
  • How are others wasting your time?

Whatever time is being wasted, I implore you to end it—right now.

I have a clear refund policy when I do one-on-one work with clients: I can't get my time back, so you can't get your money back. And time is far more valuable than money.

I don't just teach about marketing, business, and building; I practice what I preach. I know it works in such a way that I can get more done in an hour than most people can complete in a week. It starts with not turning excuses into reasons. That burns through time like you have never seen.

How much time have you spent waiting on a yes?
Waiting on a deal?
Waiting on a client?
Waiting on an answer?

You can wait on a no, but if you need a yes, you gotta go to it! No yeses ever come to you. You have to grab them.

One of the ...

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