Chapter 15


I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Do you know what a lull is?

My friend Brandon Tuss says that if you're having a party, the fifth time the room or table goes silent, then the party is over. Those silences are lulls, and lulls can compromise your business just as easily as your dinner party.

Not too long ago, I felt a few lulls in my business, and it was getting pretty close to five times in a row. I was at that moment where you don't jump up with enthusiasm at the task and your job does not have the feeling it used to.

The greatest business asset we can all have is tenacity. It's not marketing, not sales, not anything but the commitment to stay in the game. You might fall out of love with your business, but you have to come back to it and stay until you fall back in love.

You stay the course when you are in love, and you stay the course when you are not in love.

Answer two things, and keep it short and simple:

1. I am committed to ___________.
2. Without fail, over the next seven days I will __________.

Now, hold the intention for this to happen.

If you decide to abandon your business or a plan every time you fall out of love you with it, you will never gain any real traction. There will be days with passion, and there will be days you can't find the love anywhere, but no matter what kind of day it is, you must be consistent.

And something else you must do: Stop watching others. They have nothing to ...

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