Appendix A: Case Studies

The following are additional examples of building what I believe represents a strong financial table using my methodology of asset class diversification. Please note that these examples are based on the individual circumstances of each investor. They are not meant to be blanket recommendations and are for educational purposes only. Rates of return will vary and are not guaranteed, and the models used are hypothetical in nature. The math I use is simple, in an effort to help you understand the basics so that the door is open to learn more details as your interest in this methodology grows. Please consult with your financial advisor, or feel free to call us at 800-737-8552, or go to my web site,, for more information.

Appendix B holds the detailed descriptions of each investment asset class. As you read through the case studies, I suggest you flip to the various investments in Appendix B as they are brought up and complete your education. I’ve always felt the best way to understand an investment is to see it in a real life example and then to read about the nitty gritty pros and cons. More glue for your Wealth Code table building adventure.

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson is 78 years old and concerned about his income. He is living off his social security checks and doesn’t like to touch his stock portfolio because he never knows when it is a good time to sell. He would like more income without touching his principal, yet feels the dividends ...

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