Conclusion: The Now

I've failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.

—Michael Jordan

If you talk to any successful person, he or she will tell you that the journey is far more exciting than the destination. In fact, there is no destination. If you set a goal and achieve it, your next job is to set a new goal. Life is not about reaching a place and standing still in it for the rest of time. That is often the big mistake made by lottery winners and people who inherit a fortune. They believe that the money is the answer, they stop setting goals, they stop striving to achieve something out of their comfort zone … they stagnate. It's not about the destination; it's always about the journey … so keep setting off on new ones.

Are we still taking journeys and challenging ourselves today? Absolutely. Do we still make mistakes and fail? Every day. We climb a mountain, reach the summit and then look for a new mountain to conquer. Life is full of possibilities; you can't even exhaust a fraction of them in one lifetime, so experience as much as you can.

Vince: From a very young age, I had a conviction that I was destined to achieve big things. I saw myself as being incredibly wealthy and successful. I couldn't clearly imagine exactly what I'd be successful at—and maybe that's why I've had an eclectic career, going from child actor, to pharmacist, to property investor and business owner—but I never lost the faith that I was going to be very successful at

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