Relating to feelings or emotions.
Detailed examination of the elements or structure of something in order to determine its nature, function and meaning, and as a result to better understand its organisational structure.
Use of a concept, often in a new situation. Applying what is learnt in the classroom in new situations. Also, used as a noun, a verbal or written request for assistance, for employment or for admission to an institution.
An assessment or estimation of the worth, value or quality of a person or thing.
Reasons given to demonstrate the truth of claims about something. This requires the use of logic. An extended argument consists of a main conclusion supported by premises, some being conclusions made about related arguments.
A process of analysing and determining the nature and quality of students’ work through means appropriate to the subject. The process of using comprehensive evaluation tools to determine the value, significance and level of skill or achievement reached as a result of an education programme.
Similar to a project; a temporary activity with a defined beginning and end. It is undertaken to meet specific goals and objectives, often in relation to an assessment.
A feeling or emotion concerning a fact or a situation; a state of mind; a point of view ...

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