Grassroots, Not Top-Down

The process of finding a publisher most definitely requires starting small, testing, and letting the ideas grow. I tested my initial ideas for this book on my friends and family, in conversations about Google. I tested it at a gut level, too; I felt the fire of passion burn around the topic, and when I tried to brush away the idea of writing the book, it would inevitably pop back up in one way or another. Ultimately, I couldn’t suppress these ideas, so I started speaking about them at conferences, where the audience reaction was hugely positive—another good indicator I was on to something. Finally, I wrote the book proposal—the final test—and floated it by prospective agents and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. I didn’t actually start writing the book until I got the contract with Wiley, which was the clearest sign that this book was the right thing for me.

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