The Deluxe Job-Shove-It Quiz

The Deluxe Job-Shove-It Quiz, which expands widely on the question I asked to begin this chapter, will help you assess the cultural health of your organization. It contains five sections to highlight different aspects of your organization—from its operating philosophy to your team and your individual role.

Quiz Instructions

Select the answer that best describes your organization for the following questions in each of the five categories. Answer each item as honestly as you can—and with a sense of humor. There are no trick questions; each relates directly to concepts and strategies described throughout this book.

Your Organization’s Philosophy

1. My organization has a mission statement:

a. And I can recite it.

b. And I would recognize it if I saw it.

c. It is plastered on the wall somewhere. I might be able to find it.

d. Mission statement? What mission statement?

2. My organization has a strategy:

a. And I know what work aligns with it and what work does not.

b. That only managers and leaders understand.

c. But no one pays much attention to it.

d. Strategy? What strategy?

3. Decision-making is done:

a. At every level of my organization, and preferably by the individuals doing the work.

b. By managers and senior leaders.

c. By senior leaders, behind closed doors.

d. Rarely. We can’t seem to make any decisions.

4. My organization hires:

a. Only those people who clearly belong in our culture.

b. The best individuals we can find, with the highest credentials. ...

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