The Architecture of 8086

In this chapter, you will learn
  • The internal architecture of the 8086.
  • The registers of 8086 and their specific functions.
  • The operation of the flags of 8086.
  • The memory segmentation technique used by the x86 family.
  • How to perform memory address calculations.
  • The different addressing modes of 8086.


We will start our learning of the x86 family of microprocessors by understanding the ­architecture of the 8086 on which is based the architecture of the whole family. The 8086 is a processor catering to 16-bit data (D0 to D15) and having a 20-bit address (A0 to A19).

1.1 | Internal Block Diagram of the 8086

The 8086 processor is a 16-bit processor internally as well as externally—which means that its ...

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