Interfacing External Peripherals to the 8051


  • How to use external interfaces like keyboards, LCDs, LEDs, ADCs, DACs and motors as interfaces to 8051
  • The necessity of using external chips for motor interfacing
  • The principle used in DC motor control

21.1 | Interfacing ADCs and DACs to 8051

21.1.1 | Interfacing an Analog to Digital Converter to 8051

Our interest is to interface an ADC to an 8051 MCU using Port 2 as the data lines, and some pins of Port 1 for the control signals needed by the ADC. When an analog voltage is given as an input to an ADC, it gets converted to a digital number that is transferred to the 8051. The digital value can be stored in the RAM of the system and may be displayed or used ...

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