Appendix A

8086 16-BIT HMOS MICROPROCESSOR 8086/8086-2/8086-1

  • Direct Addressing Capability 1 MByte of Memory
  • Architecture Designed for Powerful Assembly Language and Efficient High Level Languages
  • 14 Word, by 16-Bit Register Set with Symmetrical Operations
  • 24 Operand Addressing Modes
  • Bit, Byte, Word and Block Operations
  • 8 and 16-Bit Signed and Unsigned Arithmetic in Binary or Decimal Including Multiply and Divide
  • Range of Clock Rates:5 MHz for 80868 MHz for 8086-210 MHz for 8086-1
  • MULTIBUS System Compatible Interface
  • Available in EXPRESS

    — Standard Temperature Range

    — Extended Temperature Range

  • Available in 40-Lead Cerdip and Plastic Package(See Packaging Spec. Order #231369)

The Intel 8086 high performance 16-bit CPU is available ...

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