Chapter . This is Cereal

The cascade and layering effects

<authorgroup>Shaun Designer Inman</authorgroup>
Inman, ShaunThis is Cerealspecial effects examples from Zen GardenThis is CerealThis is Cereal (Inman)This is Cereal

SHAUN INMAN SURE LIKES a balanced breakfast. Armed with a box of Post Fruity Pebbles, a twist of parody, and the urge to break some rules, Inman opted for breakfast-oriented imagery to form the basis for the wholesome and delicious This is Cereal. Fortified with special effects for advanced browsers, his design pushes the boundaries of what the Zen Garden markup allows.

Because a large percentage of the population still uses browsers not on the bleeding edge of CSS support, Inman has ensured that the design degrades gracefully. ...

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