The Zero-Turnover Sales Force: How to Maximize Revenue by Keeping Your Sales Team Intact

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No company's sales force should be a revolving door.

Table of contents

  1. CONTENTS (1/2)
  2. CONTENTS (2/2)
  3. INTRODUCTION: A Sales Force That Can Make Your Career (1/2)
  4. INTRODUCTION: A Sales Force That Can Make Your Career (2/2)
    1. CHAPTER 1 A Tantalizing What-If: A Stable, Unchanging Sales Force
      1. Building a Zero-Turnover Sales Force Is Not a Quick Fix
      2. Considering Some Tantalizing What-if’s
      3. Starting Today
    2. CHAPTER 2 The Real Cost of Sales Force Turnover
      1. The Staggering Dollar Cost of Sales Force Turnover
      2. The Variable Costs of Turnover
      3. One More Cost to Consider—You!
      4. Starting Today
    3. CHAPTER 3 Why Salespeople Leave
      1. The Real Reason Salespeople Quit
      2. Great Expectations—Unfulfilled
      3. It’s Rarely about the Money
      4. Starting Today
    1. CHAPTER 4 Weak Recruiting: Avoiding the HR Trap
      1. The Reality of Online Job Applications
      2. Mining for Gems
      3. Straight from the Horse’s…Mouth
      4. The One Reason to Take a Job Applicant’s Call
      5. Starting Today
    2. CHAPTER 5 Straight Commission: There’s No Percentage in It
      1. It’s a Numbers Racket
      2. When Straight Commission Actually Pays Off
      3. What Paying Straight Commission Really Says
      4. Why “We Can’t Afford Any Other Way” Doesn’t Cut It
      5. How Ditching Straight Commission Could Salvage Your Career
      6. If You Are Stuck with Straight Commission
      7. Six Things You Can Do When You Absolutely Must Pay Straight Commission
      8. Starting Today
    3. CHAPTER 6 Cold Calling: The Ultimate Sales Career Killer
      1. Here You Go, Kid
      2. Cold Calling Puts the Prospect in Charge
      3. Cold Calling Inverts the Sales Activity Pyramid
      4. Advertising Can Make Customers Call You
      5. Power Writing Gives Your Message Muscle
      6. Use Eye-Popping Discounts to Grab Attention
      7. Craft a Compelling Call to Action
      8. Relentlessly Drive Prospects to Your Sales Website
      9. Qualifying Leads and Setting Appointments
      10. Starting Today
    4. CHAPTER 7 Unfocused Training: Training the Wrong People the Wrong Way
      1. The Six Personality Traits That Just Can’t be Taught
      2. Use Training to Help Individuals Work as a Group
      3. Understand the Three Challenges Within Your Sales Force
      4. Great Sales Forces Prosper with Role Playing
      5. Make Role Playing Work by Selling Its Benefits
      6. Starting Today
    5. CHAPTER 8 Sales Meetings: The Only Two That Are Worth Having
      1. 16 Reasons Why Salespeople Really Hate Sales Meetings
      2. What a Bad Sales Meeting Can Do: A True Story
      3. The Negative Effect of Meetings on Those Who Can’t Avoid Them
      4. The Only Good Reason to Have Regular Sales Meetings
      5. Two Types of Sales Meetings Worth Having
      6. Spread the Word and Watch the Clock
      7. Give Guest Speakers Their Own Spotlights—But Not at Sales Meetings
      8. What If I’m a Rotten Meeting Runner?
      9. One-on-One Sales Meetings
      10. Applying These Concepts to a Large Sales Force
      11. Starting Today
    6. CHAPTER 9 Fuzzy Goals and Unrealistic Expectations: Set the Bar at an Achievable Level or Pay the Consequences
      1. Earth Calling Corporate: Set Real-World Sales Goals
      2. Your Goals and Expectations
      3. Dig Up Your Salespeople’s Long-Term Goals and Expectations
      4. Management-Salesperson Relationships Make or Break a Sales Force
      5. Understand the Difference between Goals and Expectations
      6. Starting Today
    7. CHAPTER 10 Inattention to Top Sellers: Never Lose Another High Achiever
      1. Know the Five Things That Will Keep Top Salespeople Aboard
      2. Learn the Subtle Ways to Coach a Superstar to New Heights
      3. The Manager-Salesperson Age Gap: Use Differences to Your Advantage (1/2)
      4. The Manager-Salesperson Age Gap: Use Differences to Your Advantage (2/2)
      5. Starting Today
    8. CHAPTER 11 Hesitation and Impatience with Young Salespeople: Are You Empowering Your Young Sellers or Using Them as Human Shields?
      1. How Senior Executives Can Miss the Boat on Young Salespeople
      2. Understand the Six Myths that Keep Young People Off Sales Forces
      3. Five Ways to Retain Younger Salespeople by Knowing How They Think
      4. Don’t Use Young Salespeople as Excuses for Your Mistakes
      5. Think of Young Salespeople as New Seeds in a Vibrant Garden
      6. Starting Today
    9. CHAPTER 12 Disorganized Ride-Alongs: Don’t Waste an Opportunity to Get Out on the Road with Your Salespeople
      1. Make Ride-Alongs Productive by Planning Every Step of the Day (1/2)
      2. Make Ride-Alongs Productive by Planning Every Step of the Day (2/2)
      3. Don’t Manage in a Vacuum: Multitask Your Ride-Along
      4. Starting Today
    10. CHAPTER 13 Unrest in the Trenches: Do Your Salespeople Respect You, and If Not, Why Not?
      1. Recognize that Some People Are Walking Time Bombs
      2. True Leadership Calls for Real Respect
      3. Why Displaying Individual Sales Figures Is Tantamount to Public Flogging
      4. Gain Respect from Above and Below by Hitting the Numbers
      5. Five Daring Ways to Find Out If Your Sales Force Respects You
      6. Starting Today
    11. CHAPTER 14 Time as an Enemy: Avoid Burning in the Fire of Time
      1. Master the Six Time Challenges You Face Every Day (1/3)
      2. Master the Six Time Challenges You Face Every Day (2/3)
      3. Master the Six Time Challenges You Face Every Day (3/3)
      4. Understand the Fragility of Time: When It’s Gone, It’s Gone
      5. Starting Today
    12. CHAPTER 15 A Website That Doesn’t Sell: Don’t Squander Your Web of Opportunity
      1. Why the Traditional Corporate Website Has Little Value for Sales
      2. Your Sales-Specific Web Address: Choose One That Feels Exclusive and Projects Value
      3. Five Key Concepts That Create a Killer Sales-Specific Website
      4. The Most Effective Way to Build Your Website: Make It Personal
      5. Nine Ways to Create an Unbeatable Sales-Specific Website
      6. Convert Website Contacts into Customers with Strong Follow-Up
      7. Starting Today
    1. CHAPTER 16 What Zero Turnover Means on the Street
      1. Zero Turnover and Other Companies’ Salespeople
      2. Zero Turnover and Your Competitors’ Top Management
      3. Zero Turnover and Your Customers and Prospects
      4. Zero Turnover and the Big Cheese
      5. Starting Today
    2. CHAPTER 17 What to Do When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing
      1. Are You Expecting Too Much from Yourself?
      2. Is Your Job Really About Having All the Right Answers?
      3. Do the Questions You Ask Lead to Meaningful Responses?
      4. Five Essential Traits That Can Help You Right Now
      5. Starting Today
    3. CHAPTER 18 Improving Your Game: Must-Read Books for Sales Executives
      1. Indispensable Books for Sales Force Managers (1/2)
      2. Indispensable Books for Sales Force Managers (2/2)
      3. Starting Today
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Product information

  • Title: The Zero-Turnover Sales Force: How to Maximize Revenue by Keeping Your Sales Team Intact
  • Author(s): Doug McLeod
  • Release date: March 2010
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814415603