1 __­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­Third World urbanization:a changing scenario _­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­


More than thirty years have passed since a pioneer series of surveys of the urbanization process in the Third World first drew attention to the dramatic growth of cities and the significant differences from the experience of the developed countries (see Hauser 1957). At that time it seemed highly improbable that all the Third World would repeat the western experience, classical of a ‘true’ urban revolution in the sense of a transformation from rural to urban societies; as a consequence one of the authors devised the term ‘pseudo-urbanization’ to describe the process ...

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