10 _­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­Conclusion _­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­

One issue is basic to the thesis we have been developing in this study: it is that of the relationship between the pace and scope of international capitalist expansion and the central role that city systems play in this process.

Writing seventeen years ago, we had not foreseen just how dynamic the internationalization of capital would be, and, indeed, argued that the gradual expansion of capitalism in most economies of the Third World, together with the time bomb of population increase, was bringing about a condition of rural and urban involution in many of these societies. From our perspective ...

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