10Case Example: Chermack’s Scenario Planning Theory

THIS CHAPTER ILLUSTRATES the direct application of the General Method of Theory Building in Applied Disciplines to creating a new theory. Scenario planning has been claimed as a strategic learning tool (Chermack & Swanson, 2008), and numerous organizational scholars have contributed to its development (Healey & Hodgkin-son, 2008; Keough & Shanahan, 2008; Korte, 2008; McWhorter, Lynham, & Porter, 2008; van der Merwe, 2008; Wack, 1985). In this case example, the task is to illustrate each of the five phases in building a theory of scenario planning (Chermack, 2004a, 2005). Specifically, this chapter will

• describe the Conceptualize phase as applied to scenario planning,

• discuss the Operationalize ...

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