25 How Great Content Is a Total Game-Changer for Sales Teams

Let’s assume for a minute that you’re committed to making content marketing and the principles of They Ask, You Answer work within your organization.

In order to make this happen, not only do the leadership and marketing teams have to be aligned in their vision, but the sales team must immediately get involved in the process.

That means they must understand the what, how, and why of this important business strategy. Additionally, they must realize that there are multiple reasons why embracing this way of selling will affect not just the organization, but each salesperson individually as well.

Listed next are seven benefits that sales teams need to understand will occur if they’re properly integrating They Ask, You Answer into the sales process.

The 7 Major Benefits of Sales Teams Embracing They Ask, You Answer

1. Producing Content Forces Us to Understand the Buyers and the Way They Think

If you’re going to be good at content marketing as an organization, you’d better be great at understanding exactly what prospects and customers are saying, thinking, feeling, and searching. You must know their pains, worries, issues, and desires. Simply put, you must be dialed in.

In the marketing space, one might call this a “buyer persona.” But regardless of what it’s called, many organizations and sales teams never quite reach a point at which they are completely in tune with the way their customers and prospects think before, ...

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